Do you want a high-end guitar tone at a low-end budget?

A good way to start is by upgrading your guitar electronics.

Most guitar tones (specially the low to mid range priced) can be improved by simply upgrading the guitar electronics.

Upgrades can mean complete rewiring and/or changing parts such as potentiometers and capacitors.


Here is a standard wiring diagram of an SSS Stratocaster.


When doing a strat upgrade, I usually add two specific mods to further improve the tone and versatility of the guitar.

Let me share with you my recommendations based on personal preference and experience.

1. Tone Control for Bridge pickup.

I usually prefer to have this on my guitars. This is very helpful because Bridge pickups can sound harsh on some amps.

If you play at different venues, then you probably encounter different kinds and types of amps. Obviously, your guitar will sound different, depending on the amp at hand.

The usual challenging scenario for guitarists is this: using your neck pickup, you have perfectly tweaked your amps EQ to your liking. But the problem starts when you change to bridge pickups, you suddenly get harsh treble sounds.

Sometimes, you don’t want to change the EQ settings of your amp anymore because you know that it will affect the tone of your neck pickup.

A simple and fast remedy is to simply roll down the tone control of your bridge pickup. That’s why I’m a fan of guitars with dedicated tone controls for the bridge pickup. If your strat doesn’t have this, I suggest that you try this simple mod!

2. Treble Bleed Circuit

If you love overdrives, I’m sure that you understand that the secret in getting different tones lies in the dynamics of your playing. You can get different sounds either through hand technique (how hard you hit the strings) or by simply rolling down the volume knob.

When it comes to rolling down the volume knob, the main problem that guitarists face is the loss of treble (high frequencies) which results to muddy tone.

For some, this might be okay. But for the majority, this is generally unwanted.

The solution for this is to simple add a Treble Bleed Circuit to your volume knob.

This mod will help you maintain a uniform tone at different volume levels.


If you want to have a Treble Bleed Circuit together with the Bridge Tone Control, you can follow this diagram.


That’s all for now.
I hope you learned something from this.


If you have questions, clarifications or suggestions, feel free to write in the comment section below.



-Mong Montances



If you want a full upgrade for your Stratocaster, I recommend our strat wiring kit upgrade.

Upgrade Kit includes the following:

1 OAK Grigsby 5-way pickup selector switch

3 Bourns Potentiometers A250K (mini body, US size mounting hole)

1 Switchcraft Guitar Output Jack

1 Orange Drop Capacitor 0.047uF

1 Treble Bleed Circuit

4ft Gavitt Vintage PushBack Cloth Wire (black and white).

Each of the component was carefully tested in our laboratory to ensure the best balanced set that will improve the tone of your guitar.

The kit already includes a Treble Bleed Circuit which helps in maintaining a uniform tone at different volume levels.

If you have specific values of pots and caps, we can also help with that.

If you have questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us.

We also do custom wirings. Just let us know your requirements.



You can place your orders via Lazada, just visit our shop:

For express and custom orders, nationwide shipping is available via LBC.

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